Thinking green is in the core of our business. We endorse using renewable sources.

Corporate Green Thinking Contribute

Beeign green is easier than you might ever thought. Ecological has lot of common with being economical. Changing for a more greener way of working meens changing how our world works. Through small steps we can make it to a better future for out kids together.

  • Energy consumption

    • Change classic light bulbs with eco fluorescent or LED lights.
    • Turn off lights when leaving office.
    • Turn off every computer, every printer, every device.
    • If possible, use laptop computers.
    • Try to find offices that are filled with more natural light.
  • Greener supplies

    • Use digital devices to take notes – might be even efficient when setting allarms.
    • Do not print any document unless it’s really neccessary.
    • If printing then use eco-printing feature of your printer.
    • Recycle bottles, cans and reuse paper – write on both sides of paper.
  • Healthy workspace

    • Add some green plants in the interior.
    • Use alternative ways of transport instead of company vehicles.
    • Create dog friendly workspace – it’s benefits has been proved.
    • Eating more veggies and fruits saves energy and is also health beneficial.

We are keen to hear your tips for a healthier environment

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