• CV – Your 2nd Face

    Curriculum vitae is the first material a company in which you are applying for a job sees. Correctly written CV, accompanied by a cover letter is the first step to success.

    • Clarity
    • Facts Matter
    • Precision
    • Accuracy
    • CV itself should contain the following sections in order as follows
    CV – Your 2nd Face
  • Cover Letter

    Cover letter completes the overall picture and it should include:

    • who the CV is addressed to
    • what position are you interested in
    • how did you find out about the position
    • remember to add clear about start date and termination of current employment
    • why are you interested in the position
    • the skills, experience, education and why should employer choose you for the position
    • request a personal meeting
    Cover Letter
  • Personal Meeting

    Here are the core points how to get ready for successful meeting:

    • Make sure to be positively tuned, well rested and on time
    • Select a clean and appropriate clothing
    • Find out basic information and news about the company
    • Have a clear idea of ​​your professional career
    • Have questions directed to the company
    • Make a first impression
    Personal Meeting
  • FAQ

    During the personal meetign you can be asked about:

    • Describe your typical day's schedule in last job
    • Who was / is your boss and who corresponded to the contrary, we
    • Describe the most important project on which you've worked for (a)
    • What was / is your responsibility - the most important part of your job?
    • + 9 more...

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