It is your homework to be prepared for all forthcoming meeting eventualities.

Have written references or contact persons from the previous job that can provide recommendations. Express interest in the job and company and thank for their time devoted to meeting you.

In the interview, talk about your biggest successes of previous employment (even in short-term employment) - may also be a small thing for which you were awarded by your supervisor, eventually. by colleagues.

Follow these few universal rules to get ready for a successful meeting:

Make sure to be positively tuned, well rested and on time

Learn about the surroundings, prepare your itinerary, plan the transport connections so you are at at the place at least 10 minutes prior to the meeting.

Select a clean and appropriate clothing

It is better to choose a dress suit. Just adjust your hair and put make-up.

Find out basic information and news about the company

Do you have a corporate brochure? Great! And if you do not, business website will suffice.

Have a clear idea of ​​your professional career

What do you expect from employer, environment and company you apply to? Stay clear at what qualities you can bring in and what are your strengths.

Have questions directed to the company

Be curious. Just as they ask questions about you, you can also ask questions about the company. For every employer this a positive signal.

Make a first impression

Your partner form an opinion about you in the initial moments of your meeting. Think of the smiles, posture, firm handshake, eye contact etc.

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