• Executive Search

    Direct, targeted search and selecting of suitable candidates. It is used when searching for top-management, strategic and specialized jobs:

    • Higher Management
    • Discrete Approach
    Executive Search References
  • Recruitment

    Form search for suitable candidates with the fastest results. Suitable for companies in all business sectors, for example, without its own human resources department or in support of his own department.

    Recruitment References
  • Outsourcing

    Project & Contract staff is for ongoing projects from several weeks to a medium or long-running projects. This service is suitable for clients working on projects or for those with limited number of employees:

    • Project Management
    • Freelancers
    • Personnel Leasing
    Contractors References
  • Consulting

    Consulting includes various employment studies and market research like economic and educational aspects or salary surveys. Advice on personnel matters tailored to your company:

    • Assessment Center (AC)
    • Development Center (DC)
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Ethical Code

We provide only professional personal management

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